Sunday, 4 September 2016

Create Business User in SAP C4C

Create Business User in SAP C4C

This document was created by SAP C4C 1608.02.0007.

The objective of this document is to create a business user for Admin and Employee in SAP C4C.

Business user is the user, in which you will define the user attributes and access rights. For each employee created, a business user will be created automatically in SAP C4C.Also for service agent, business user is created by using the request user functionality.
In business user, you can
a. Assign Work centers and views
b. Assign Business roles
c. Assign Security policy
d. Define initial password and generate new password
e. Lock and unlock the user

Business user for Admin

Usually Admin is created as service agent in SAP C4C.
1. Go to Business partner work center in Silverlight user interface and select service agent.

2. Click on new icon and create a service agent.

3. Fill the mandatory fields like first name and last name. If email id is provided, the generated password will be mailed to their id, otherwise it will display in the bottom of the screen.

Click on the save icon. Once the agent is saved in the system. It will display the”
Service agent XXXXXXX saved successfully” message in the bottom of the screen. Also the request user icon is enabled now.

Click the request user to generate a business user for this service agent in SAP C4C.System informs the user is created for the service agent in the bottom of the screen.

Business user is created for this service agent. As already mentioned the document, you can assign business roles, work center views etc..

Now Go to the following path in Silverlight user interface.

Administrator>>General settings>>users>>Business users

And search your service agent by name or id(displayed in the bottom of the screen).

Here you can edit the business user attributes and access rights.

Click the access rights to assign business role and work center. Here, you can select the business role or directly you can assign the work center view by using the edit without business role icon.

Note: Once you clicked the edit without business role, the role which was assigned earlier will be removed. It is also the other way round, if you select the work center view, the business role will be removed. So you can assign the business role or work center depends on your requirement.

In Access restriction, for each work center view assigned, you can restrict the read and write access.

Finally save the business user It will display the message on the bottom of the screen.

Now go to edit attributes to define initial password or generate password for this business user. So that he can able to login.

Give initial password in the password field and save.

Then login by using the defined password. It will ask you to change the password while log in.