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Account in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Account in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

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The objective of this document is to explain the account in SAP Hybris C4C.

Account is a person or organization who has business interest with our company. In C4C, only Individual account and corporate account is supported. There is no Group account.

In B2B Scenario, account is created as corporate account or account
In B2C Scenario, account is created as Individual account or individual customer
Accounts are available in Customer Work center in HTML5 client

In SAP C4C, Account can be viewed in four views. They are

1.List View
2.Card View
3.Map View
4.Calendar View

Account can be created in toolbar and action bar.

In toolbar:

In Action Bar:

While creating account You can use check for duplicate functionality.
Duplicate Checks for Business Partners Enables the system to check for duplicate accounts, individual accounts, and contacts. When you attempt to create an account, individual account, or contact whose information resembles that of an existing one, you are notified that potential duplicates were found.

Duplicate check is enabled in scoping. Expand General business partner>>Handling of business partner. Here you will find the questions about Duplicate check in business partner.

Also you can select weak or strong or medium duplicate check in your solution.

Duplicate check: Go to Fine Tune>> Search for Duplicate check weighting for Business partner

Note: This activity is not listed in our project. So select and add it to project, so that you can change the weightage for the fields.

Here you can assign a weighting to the different fields that are relevant for the duplicate check.
According to the value you select, the related field will be given preference during the check.

Email and name is given more weightage. Click save and close.
Now we will test in the system. I am creating an account with name “test” which is already available in the system.

So I am checking for duplicate check in SAP C4C.System identifies three potential duplicate entries based on the weight-age given in the. It works on the Levenshtein algorithm based on the given weight -age in configuration activity.

Also it displays the account also.

Account Configuration
Go to Fine Tune>> Search for Account

Click on the Account activities to configure the account.

ABC Classification:
You can use ABC classifications to rate accounts according to how important they are to your company.

Here A,B,C is the standard classification. If you need you can delete and add according to your business requirement.

Payment Term

Payment terms define when an invoice has to be paid and whether a discount is applicable if payment is made before the due date. Here you see all available payment terms. If needed you can change them or add additional ones.

Customer Group
You can specify the customer groups to which an account belongs. You can maintain the customer group for each organizational assignment in the sales data of the account master record.

Nielsen IDs

This Id specifies in which region customer can be assigned based on Marketing. Mostly used in marketing scenario

Customer Role
You can define the customer roles, for a customer type. You can specify a default customer role for each customer type. If you create a new customer, the chosen default role will be assigned by default to the new customer.

Block Reasons

You can maintain block reasons for order, delivery and billing.

Whatever we have configured for accounts. It can be tested

Custom role

ABC Classification:

Order block:

Delivery Block:

Billing Block

Nielsen Id